Authentic international food flavors

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Nutrition. Taste. Value.

These simple but powerful words capture the essence of our mission.

Our culinary focused menu offers restaurant quality meals with an in-depth flavor profile.  Our dishes are proven to increase participation, sales and fit almost any budget. Our product lines will help maximize your menu with minimal effort.  Customers remark that our products are “Authentic”, “Trendy” and “Wildly Popular.”

International Food Solutions has the brands, Asian Food Solutions, Comida Vida, and now Aahar Foods – founded to specialize in bringing delicious and nutritious, fully-prepared frozen Asian, Latin, and Indian cuisine to restaurants, casinos, cafeterias, K-12 schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, military, and retail stores.

Our products are sold to over 3,000 school districts Nationwide, the US Military, colleges and universities, hospitals, and restaurant chains.

Only the Best

Culinary Focused, Quality Dishes

International Food Solutions products are featured in all culinary channels across the United States.  These channels include the United States Military, Three thousand school districts, colleges, universities, hospitals, and chain restaurants.

On-Trend Dining

  • Popular Flavor Profiles
  • Versatile Menu Options
  • Authentic Recipes

Operational excellence

  • Low portion cost
  • Save on labor
  • Consistent product each time
  • Just heat and serve!

Yuca Fries

A root vegetable like the potato – sliced yuca fries! A perfect side to any meal.

Vegetable Fried Rice

Whole grain brown rice lightly seasoned with soy sauce tossed with edamame, carrots and onions. No MSG and zero grams trans-fat per serving!

Beef Shreds

Beef Shreds are the perfect start to many meals. Our Beef Shreds are cooked in their natural juice and lightly seasoned with salt. Perfect for tacos, burritos, sandwiches and more! Also available in Chicken & Pork.

Sriracha Honey Chicken

Whole grain lightly battered boneless chicken chunks tossed with a sweet, slightly spicy, and a little garlicky sriracha honey sauce. No MSG and zero grams of trans-fat per serving!

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