Our Product Lines

The vision for International Food Solutions is to offer nutrition, taste and value with a central focus on being a multi-faceted solutions provider.  Our current product portfolio features both Asian Food Solutions and Comida Vida as well as a strategic partnership with SNAP Gourmet Foods.  We continue to align with on-trend brands to offer variety within our portfolio.

Asian Food Solutions provides popular Asian dishes, noting original characteristics to Asian cuisine while providing a variety of full plate options. Comida Vida provides regionally focused, well-known dishes with original characteristics associated to Latin cuisine while providing a variety of full plate options. These products appeal to a diverse audience by offering trendy, ethnic dishes that will exceed your expectations. 

Our wide variety of authentic products use proven restaurant quality recipes with fresh ingredients cooked to perfection, then quick frozen to seal in the freshness and nutrients. Our individually quick-frozen (IQF) process and state of the art packaging, designed based on customer feedback, allows product to be heated and served within 20 minutes. Many of our customers comment the look, aroma and taste as if it was prepared to order at their favorite restaurant! Schools have reported increases in meal participation because students enjoy the “restaurant quality flavor” and our customers have remarked that our products are amazingly, “Authentic”, “Tasty”, and “Trendy.”

Let us be a solution provider for you. Serve something different! Our product lines will help maximize your menu with minimal effort. International Food Solution products are sold to over 3,000 school districts nationwide, the US Military, colleges and universities, hospitals, and restaurant chains.